Carlos Asmat

I make robots that
work in the real world.


Carlos Asmat

I'm passionate about open-source hardware and software, electronic prototyping, and developing interactive personal robots that work in real life.

As a driven Electrical and Software Engineer specialized in Control Systems, Personal Robots, and Human-Robot Interaction, I have circuit design and software development skills, a substantive work experience, leadership and communication skills, and a true passion for technology and creative work.



  • C/C++ · Python
  • ROS
  • Arduino
  • Assembly · VHDL
  • HTML · CSS · JavaScript
  • Mathematica · Matlab · Octave

Engineering Tools:

  • Git
  • Linux · Windows
  • Caffe · TensorFlow
  • Gimp · Inkscape
  • Fusion 360 · OpenSCAD · Solidworks
  • KiCAD · Altium

Fluent in:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


02 / 2017 - Present

Piaggio Fast Forward: Lead Robot Software Engineer (Boston, MA)

  • Lead the Robotic Team, focusing on integration and making Gita work in everyday life.
  • Develop visual people detection tracking algorithms.
  • Design Gita's electronic system architechture for mass production.
  • Help inform the user-experience design.
  • Perform demos and presentations to stakeholders.
06 / 2016 - 02 / 2017

Piaggio Fast Forward: Robot Software Engineer (Boston, MA)

  • Assembled and lead a team of electrical and software engineers.
  • Designed the software and electronic architecture for the personal cargo robots Gita and Kilo.
  • Developed low and high-level software architecture for autonomous personal robots.
  • Helped in the design of personal robots' interaction and user-experience.
12 / 2013 - 06 / 2016

Aldebaran - Softbank Group: Robot Software Engineer (Boston, MA)

  • Developed natural and enjoyable interactions for the robots Pepper and NAO.
  • Trained new recruits.
  • Performed public presentations and demos of the robots capabilities.
  • Acted as technical lead and inform the region's software development road map.
02 / 2012 - 11 / 2014

Cloud Robotics Hackathon: Co-Founder and Co-Organizer (Montreal, QC)

  • Co-founded a yearly international cloud-robotics competition aiming to promote the creation of robotic applications.
  • Coordinated all the aspects of the event, including logistics, technical expertise, and web presence.
  • For two years in a row, gathered more than 200 people in seven cities around the world who were thrilled to hack robots during an entire weekend.
03 / 2011 - 11 / 2013

Aldebaran Robotics Developers Program: External Developer (Montreal, QC)

  • Developed applications and autonomous behaviours for the NAO humanoid robot. This program is only available to select partners with the goal of making NAO a fully autonomous personal robot.
01 / 2010 - 11 / 2013

RobotShop: Project Engineer & Robotics Specialist (Mirabel, QC)

  • Designed robotics projects.
  • Provided technical consultation regarding the usage of electronic, electrical, and mechanical components.
  • Designed and implemented the first social network for robots (a remote monitoring and control system for robotic equipment).
  • Searched and selected new robotic products and suppliers for distribution.
  • Blogged about the general field of robotics and produced video tutorials.
08 / 2009 - 12 / 2009

CanSat International Inc: Digital Design Engineer (Montreal, QC)

  • Designed and implemented digital signal processing systems and modems using FPGA technology.
  • Ensured the implemented system performs within specifications.
04 / 2009 - 04 / 2009

Panaxion: Project Engineer (Montreal, QC)

  • Participated in the electrical and mechanical design of a paint application system.
  • Assisted in the mechanical and software design of a paint blending device.
09 / 2008 - 11 / 2008

Group PHB: Surveying Field Professional (Boisbriand, QC)

  • Verified and adjusted aerial pictures for correctness and suitability.
  • Planned and conducted aerial photographic and LiDAR topographical surveys.
  • Operated the Vexcel camera, the Optec LiDAR, and high precision GPS units at various Quebec locations and at Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Lead a one-month Nigerian survey mission.
07 / 2007 - 12 / 2007

McGill University: Digital System Design Teaching Assistant (Montreal, QC)

  • Lead two-hour tutorial sessions for a group of 40 students.
  • Answered questions, provided examples and advise regarding theoretical and practical digital system design problems.
04 / 2006 - 08 / 2007

Ville de Montréal: Geomatics Technical Agent (Montreal, QC)

  • Researched and implemented various ways of displaying 3D architectural data.
  • Documented the architectural 3D modelling process.
  • Reorganized and documented the Old-Montreal 3D model set.
  • Assisted in the developed a standard classification system for 3D models according to their level of detail.


2013 - 2013

University of Pennsylvania

  • Gamification Class - Online
2011 - 2011

Stanford University

  • Machine Learning Class - Online
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Class - Online
2004 - 2008

McGill University

  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering - Control & Automation / Power

Personal Projects

09 / 2012

Nao Mind Control

  • Created a Nao behaviour that communicates with the Neurosky MindWave Sensor and allows the user to control the humanoid robot with their thoughts. Presented at New York Maker Faire 2012

08 / 2011

Nao Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

  • Nao played the geek version of Rock Paper Scissors against children and adults at Maker Faire NY 2011. The robot was able to play with the public with minimal intervention.

01 / 2010

International Cooperation Trip to Ecuador

  • Lead a group of CEGEP IB students in a trip to Ecuador.
  • Built and deployed a wind power generator in a Ecuadorian indigenous community.
  • Built and deployed a solar water heater for an indigenous Ecuadorian school.

04 / 2008

McGill Autonomous Robotics Team

  • Acted as an external technical consultant for the team.
  • Developed a low level control system for MARTy, the McGill AUV

07 / 2008

McGill University Lunar Excavator Team

  • Integrated the excavator controllers and sensors in a single circuit board.

07 / 2001

Virtual EIM

  • Created an interactive 3D model of my high-school using the Half-Life 3D engine.