Nao 1337 and I participated in the September 14th M. Net TV show on Musique Plus. We were invited to present Nao to the public and explain a bit about the developers program.

[caption id=”attachment_1431” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]Denis Talbot with Nao1337 Denis Talbot with Nao1337[/caption]

If you were not able to catch the show on Friday at 19:30 or on Tuesday at 11:00, despair not. Once it is available in roughly three weeks, I’ll be posting a link and perhaps embedding the show in this page (if M. Net and Musique Plus do not object).

Update: See the full episode here.

For the moment, you can see a short clip from the show below.

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During the entire one-hour show, 1337 sat besides the show host Denis Talbot and acted completely autonomously. Without any sense of timing, he talked, sang, moved, laughed, and did much more throughout the entire show, interrupting and defying everyone. He effectively became the most annoying robotic guest on a TV show.

Learn More about M. Net at their official website.